Security lighting provides a level of illumination to clearly identify persons or objects and creates a psychological deterrent to criminal activity in the area being protected. 60% of commercial burglaries happen after hours and after dark. Adding high-powered LED or floodlights can help to protect your business. In this blog, we will discuss more about how motion sensor lighting works and the role it plays in a business security system.

How Do Motion Sensors Work At Night?

They illuminate the space they are in for a timed duration and automatically shut off afterward. These lights also utilize infrared heat waves to detect motion. This means that warmer objects like cars, animals, and humans are easily detected and trigger your light to illuminate. Most motion sensor models do not have a camera attached. They detect movement and act like a flashlight. Motion sensors can work during both the day and night. However, most people automate their lights with the motion sensor at night.

Do Motion Sensor Devices And Lights Really Stop Crime? 

When used correctly, motion sensor lights can help deter break-ins and other criminal activity. That’s because they can startle trespassers and grab the attention of anybody who may be nearby. And attention is exactly what criminals don’t want. Sometimes they can be even more effective than leaving lights on all night because it makes it harder for criminals to find entry points.

Motion Sensors Are Convenient

Motion sensor lights provide you with the convenience of having bright illumination at any time without having to manually switch it on or off. This also eliminates time spent looking for switches in dark areas that you might not be able to find right away. Leaving your lights on all night can actually make it easier for burglars to navigate the area and find the entry. As the business owner you can also receive alerts when the sensor is activated. Plus, the sudden flash of light might catch burglars off guard and so they may leave the area immediately.

Motion Detectors Inside Your Business

Likewise, you can use automated light images inside the building to mimic human behavior. When burglars believe people are occupying the building, they are far less likely to burglarize it.

The following are the most effective placements for your motion sensors:

  • Corner Spaces: Put a motion sensor in the corner of each room, aimed toward the doorway.
  • Near Valuables: Place motion sensors directly at your most valuable items.
  • Ceilings

Additional Layers In Your Business Security System

Rather than just lighting to deter crime, you need to pair your motion sensor lights with an alarm system and security cameras. Modern security systems can be tailor-made to your needs, and many security providers offer security cameras and alarm systems to better protect your property. Call a professional installer who can customize each and every security solution based on the needs of your business. Anything less creates security holes that would allow even a novice criminal to gain access to sensitive areas of your business.

Are motion sensors worth it? Not only are they more energy efficient and secure, but they also offer convenience and cost savings. Motion sensors can be used both indoors and outdoors to make your property safer, provide better lighting, and save you money in the long run.

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