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We are focused on providing cloud-based physical security​. Our team members are highly trained and knowledgeable about the equipment and services we offer.

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Frequently Asked Security Technology Questions...

If Technology is changing so fast why does my security system look and operate like it was designed in the 80's?

It probably was. Many of the systems that are being sold today were designed in the 80's or 90's and have been patched and plugged to work with today's technology, in many cases they are still using the same hardware design and communication protocols that they did when they were first deployed. Contact us so we can help you design a migration plan that will allow you to begin the move to a new system that will leverage new technology and allow you to benefit from the features that come along with improved and up to date technology.

Do I really need to have a wall full of panels in my data room to run my access control system?

No. Concentrating panels into a single room does not take advantage of the distributed architecture that many systems offer today. Wouldn't it be better to have one door fail then to have one controller take down 5, 10, 15 doors all at once? A distributed design would also allow repairs to be done at the door rather than in a closet when nobody is securing the door.

Do I really need to have a local server with that clunky software that keeps having problems?

No. You can take advantage of browser based or cloud based systems and get rid of your problematic, expensive server and software support plan. Go with a browser based system or trade that software support agreement for a cloud based system with a monthly fee and let someone else maintain the server and upgrade the software. Your IT department is most likely leveraging the cloud for a multitude of services, why not your security system?

Do I really need to be carrying around a proximity card to get through my Facility?

No. Mobile Credentials are available and much more secure than Proximity cards (which can easily be cloned). The technology is here to use your smartphone as a secure credential, so why do it the same way that it has been done since the 80's. If your ID badge is your security credential then a lost badge can become a major security risk. Most lost badges are not reported for at least 24 hours. Most smartphones won't stay lost for more than 10 minutes.

Why can my neighbor pull up his/her $500 driveway camera system, (in full HD), from his/ her smartphone (from virtually anywhere) and I can't connect to my $25,000 video server at work without going to my laptop logging in through a VPN, which is very cumbersome and really sloooow?

Because many of the systems being sold today are using old technology and software that was never intended to integrate into a smartphone app. There are options that leverage today's internet speed and cloud applications without taking too much bandwidth. Site based systems are great for campus settings with 24 hour security and active surveillance but cloud solutions can be used to supplement these large campus systems in areas where the cost to extend infrastructure is prohibitive or where you need to easily access video from your smartphone wherever you might be.

How can my company avoid staying on the wrong path or avoid going down the wrong path altogether?

Make sure your integrator is taking a consultative approach to selecting the systems that are right for your business. Many integrator's and consultants have a boiler plate approach to security, but one size does not fit all. Ask for a demo and system references before you buy. Look at the direction of IT altogether and embrace what is now available in the security market. Advanced technology that was designed to be cyber secure with lower cost of ownership.

How is my current system addressing the multitude of cyber security risks out there today?

Most of the legacy systems out there are extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks but more importantly they may introduce risks to your network because they were not designed with today's environment in mind. Newer cloud based systems offer third party cyber security certifications and periodic audits of their services that provide a higher level of security making your network less vulnerable to a cyber attack or the introduction of ransomware.

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