Today’s business owners are facing a lot of challenges. They have to worry about manpower, dealing with clients and suppliers, marketing, and keeping their assets and people safe. From petty thefts to physical threats, you need to be ready to deal with whatever the world has to throw at you. Electronic security helps you keep up with internal and external threats to your company. 

Cash is the Primary Target

Cash is the most liquid and it is difficult to be established in absence of proper backup or proof, hence it is easier to manipulate or steal. Unlike other assets which usually have backing or contractual documents, receipts for purchases, etc. Thieves like to target businesses with cash registers that do not have stringent security measures in place. If your business has a quick cash-grab atmosphere you are at risk.

Is Your Inventory Easily Resellable?

Over 900,000 thefts are reported in the United States each year and, on average, a theft occurs every 30 seconds—or about two thefts a minute, 120 an hour, and nearly 3,000 a day. When a thief is not looking for cash he is often targeting easily resellable items they can use personally. Therefore jewelry stores, electronic stores, and retail outlets are heavily targeted businesses. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, designer clothing, jewelry, and footwear are items small and easy to steal and sell. Or they may want drugs or liquor which are common targets.

Is Your Business Open 24/7?

If your business is open late and has the easily resellable inventory you are a prime target. Daytime is riskier for thieves. More people and traffic are around during the day. That makes it hard to make a quick exit. Also, there are usually fewer staff at night than during daylight hours.

Burglaries Are Often Planned

As unfortunate as it is, if you’ve been targeted by criminals before, it’s highly likely that you’ll be hit again. Crooks want the easiest target possible, so they generally don’t go out of their way to target highly secured sites. If your site lacks security, criminals will hit you repeatedly until you bolster your security with deterrents. The data supports this claim. In fact, 71% of business criminals will target businesses they’ve hit before. This gives even more urgency to a good security system. If you’ve been targeted, you need to fix the problem immediately before it gets worse and you lose more money and time to another burglary.

Some Common Security Measures That Can Help Deter Thieves

  • Monitored Alarms – A monitored alarm is an alarm system that connects a personal alarm with an external monitoring center. This external center provides 24/7 monitoring, so you can send an alert for help at any time and get a response.
  • Video Surveillance – Video surveillance involves the act of observing a scene or scenes and looking for specific behaviors that are improper or that may indicate the emergence or existence of improper behavior.
  • Mobile Solutions – With your computer or smartphone you can manage your security system
  • Door Sensors – Door sensors are devices that let you know when someone has opened a door. it will sound an alarm when the door opens.
  • Window-Break Sensors – When glass is broken or the window is opened an alarm will be triggered.
  • Image Sensors – An image sensor or imager is a sensor that detects and conveys information used to form an image. It does so by converting the variable attenuation of light. They are activated by motion and capture images if someone is inside a monitored area.

Partnering with a trusted security vendor is the best way to ensure your business is secure. 

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