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Facility Protection Group (FPG) is a Florida State Certified Systems Contractor that specializes in providing electronic security services to the Tampa area in Florida. Established in 2018 and based in Tampa, Florida, FPG offers a wide range of security solutions, including Access Control, Video Surveillance/CCTV, Audio/Video Intercoms, and Intrusion Alarm Systems. The company’s dedicated team, with over 20-30 years of security installation and repair experience, focuses on building strong relationships with local customers and providing responsive support, ensuring the best service possible.

FPG’s services are tailored to meet the diverse security needs of Tampa, offering support for legacy systems, browser-based and cloud-based systems, smart phone credentials, and advanced analytics, among other security technologies. The company’s expertise extends to providing comprehensive security solutions, from assisting with existing systems to deploying brand new system installations. FPG’s commitment to safety is evident through its formal comprehensive contractor safety program, strict compliance with OSHA regulations, and regularly scheduled safety training for all staff, ensuring that employees are fully aware of potential job site hazards and trained on how to avoid them.

In addition to its extensive experience and industry knowledge, FPG emphasizes the importance of strategic partnerships, product certifications, and industry affiliations, which are essential for long-term success and demonstrate the company’s commitment, skill, and knowledge in providing security services. The company’s focus on uncompromising ethics, dedication to its craft, commitment to responsiveness and proficiency, and celebration of success through virtue, devotion, agility, and commemoration, underscores its fundamental beliefs and values, shaping its culture and defining its identity. This commitment to excellence and safety makes Facility Protection Group a reliable choice for electronic security services in Tampa, Florida.

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