Cloud-based Physical Security

Cloud-based physical security solutions provide computing services and resources such as hardware, software, storage, databases, and networking. The benefits can be efficiency, scalability, cost savings and mobility. Other important factors include data security, automated updates, and ease of integration with other systems.

Hosted Systems

Today, most businesses are interested in a cloud or hybrid-cloud electronic security solution. That is why Facility Protection Group specializes in these systems. They bring the value and functionality you need without the sometimes complicated and expensive management fees that come with it.

  • Less hardware to maintain
  • Reduces administrative costs
  • Less training & retraining requirements
  • User authentication & authorization

Managed Services

Management services for clients with staff limitations can be accomplished through our in-house technical support group

  • Identity and credential management
  • Custom reports and distribution
  • Security system health monitoring
  • Subscription fees built into agreement

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